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Relative Value Model: Top Monthly Performers

Under-valued Equities
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Over-valued Equities
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Our Relative Value Model is meant to be used in a Market-neutral strategy. The model is not taking into account any macro-economic factors that can expand or contract valuations. If you are looking for directional moves and bullish on the overall market, look for companies rated "Relatively Undervalued"; if you are bearish, look for companies rated "Relatively Overvalued".

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FundamentalSpeculation Ratios

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Our Neural Network based Deep Learning Momentum Model has been trained to identify patterns in price action and trade volume that have typically indicated a bullish or bearish bias in near term price movement. Note this model does not take into account any macro-economic factors or company news, analyst recommendations etc. This works best when there is minimal fundamental news or events expected and most of the trading in the stock is by other technical traders looking at price action patterns.

Also note the confidence shown above is not the model confidence on what the stock will do in the future! No model can reasonably predict that. Additionally there can be fundamental news/events or macroeconomic factors that affect the stock price which are not captured in this model. The confidence here represents the model's confidence that the price action and volume pattern it is seeing is similar to bullish/bearish patterns from the past.

Actual Price Change: $N.A.
Profit from the Momentum Model: $N.A.

The stock price change represents the increase/decrease in the share price for the period selected in the chart above. The momentum model performance indicates the profit/loss if you bought or sold a single share every time the model indicated a bullish/bearish pattern irrespective of the confidence level.

Note: The momentum model will always underperform the stock if the stock has basically only appreciated in value during the period selected. Select a period where the stock has seen a combination of significant upward and downward price movements for a better comparison of the model recommendations to a long term buy and hold strategy.

The tables below show common size metrics for the target company. The percentile is the ranking of the given fundamental metric with respect to the values of the metric across the universe of companies. For example, a value of 60% indicates the given metric for the target company is higher than 60% of US companies.

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