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What We Offer

Machine Learning

Humans are biased. We are also bad at comparing entities when given more than 2-3 features. Machine Learning solves this. We find a cohort of comparables closest to the target company in a large N-dimensional space of Fundamental Features. Fair Value levels are then computed using Relative Value Models tailored to the unique characteristics of each cohort.

Deep Learning for Pattern Recognition

Looking for patterns in price action and volume data? Why not harness the power of today's state of the art systems. We have trained our Deep Neural Network (DNN) to find Bullish/Bearish patterns based on 20 years of price action and volume data over hundreds of stocks.

Daily Relative Fair Value and Momentum Metrics

Our cohorting, Relative Value and Momentum Models are refreshed daily to incorporate the most up to date information. Want easy access to our model results on your favourite stocks? Add them to your watchlist and subscribe to our daily email.

Build Your Own Relative Value Model

Want to come up with your own relative value model? Select your comparable companies, valuation metrics and aggregation method and compare your fair value levels to our models.

Top Stock Picks

Choose from our daily top picks across dividend payers, value plays, growth stocks and even short opportunities.

Stock Screener

Want to find your next investment idea? Our Stock Screener allows you to filter companies using 50+ fundamental metrics. Over 4500+ US companies supported.

Fundamental Metrics & Financial Data

We provide 50 common-size fundamental metrics and Balance Sheet, Income and Cashflow information as of the current reporting period on over 4500+ US companies.

Reasonably Priced

We understand that most people have relatively small portfolios and do not trade as often. That makes it hard to justify subscribing to a service costing tens or hundreds of dollars a month. We provide you access to cutting edge financial models driven by industry leading data providers for $4.99/Month or $49.99/Year.

Easy One-Click Account Creation

Don't have the patience to enter all the details typical websites ask you to fill in to register? We have you covered! Just use your Google account to signin. One-click and you are in!

"Our goal is not to give you daily buy or sell recommendations, but instead to provide you with a meaningful, trustworthy and unbiased tool that you can use to make educated investment decisions."

-- Laxman Vembar, CFA, FRM

Co-Founder and CEO